• A weld-over sleeve for reinforcing threaded collars, welded joints or compression couplings on all diameter pipe sizes.
  • Low profile specialty sleeves.
  • Furnished with positive material identification and beveled long seams for welding.


  • For permanent reinforcement of coupled joints. Similar in design to the Style 10, Style 20 reinforcing sleeves encompass a Pumpkin Sleeve design and are commonly used to repair corrosion pits and stress cracks and offer a permanent repair over leaking couplings, valves or screw collars.
  • The Style 20 sleeve also provides a means of being double sure of safety against pipe-end pullout when used to reinforce pipelines on high pressure piping systems.
  • The steel construction properties of the Style 20 sleeve lend itself to field welding without preheating, using ordinary field welding procedures.
  • All sleeves are factory prepared with standard welding bevel, machine flame cut for uniformity and ease of welding.
  • Built to rigid specifications.
  • Style 20 sleeves are supplied in many sizes, lengths and thicknesses available upon request.
The following materials are available:

  • ASTM A572 GR50
  • ASTM A572 GR65
  • ASTM A516 GR70
  • ASTM A537 CL1
  • or another custom grade per your request